Who am I and what is the purpose of this fresh site?

Hey hey! One questions at a time there…

My name is Paul Baker and although I’m not a baker (as my surname would suggest) I get involved in music quite a bit. As everyone starting out in the music path, I started with strapping a guitar around me and jamming to tunes I loved listening to. On top of that, at some point I decided to also take some piano lessons as there is more quality and difficulty in that instrument, than any other that exists today. So in short, I know how to play both the guitar and the piano (and everything else that looks like those instruments – the bass for example.)

So this blog is dedicated to all music lovers and everyone that just wants to have a good time. Basically you all are going to be determining what’s going to be posted on this platform through the feedback I get. If there is something that you don’t like and complaint about it, then of course I will know to now repeat similar content. 

This is how much you power you all have. I want this blog to be for all of you, not just for me. Which is why I also allow people to contribute content and posts (given the credit.) I want fresh things taking place here, and I don’t want a single person to get bored with what we are going to be discussing. As you probably already have seen, we cover a variety of topics and try and give everyone equal attention.

I hope you enjoy all the posts.