Sorry it has been so long since my last article, got caught up with a lot of work. Today’s article will be a very smooth read for you all and basically something you can read while you are lying in bed or relaxing. This site is all about music of course but in this article, we will briefly talk about the reasons most (if not all) people enjoy listening to some form of music. It’s true: if you look around, anyone will be listening to some kind of music, whether that be calmer music ore more aggressive music. Which is why there are just so many genres out there for so many different music tastes.

You will get the person who enjoys his country music, the person that loves classic music, the one that enjoys strapping a guitar around him and jamming to rock tunes and the list goes on. Have you ever wondered of the reasons people just enjoy listening to music? Why don’t people just listen to sound or the news? The like the melodies, they like the sound of it all but most importantly the pleasure it gives their ears.

So we can all pretty much say, that regardless of what occupation we are in or what country we live in, sometimes things can get boring (or as some people use a stupid expression: a routine.) Being in a routine isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it gets things done. However many people find that when in that situation, they need something different so that there is this new thing in their life. So some people (again, if not all) will turn to music or other means of entertainment. When someone listens to a song, and it’s a catchy tune, here/she will love it the first time and enjoy some very rare moments of pleasure. Then that same person, goes back and re-listens to that same exact song…have you ever wondered why?

It has actually been discussed and described by psychologists (although my personal opinion is that most of those theories are a collection of hoax stories) that people always like re-visiting good moments in their lives. Guys, you don’t need to be a scientist to figure this one out: everyone once in a while wants to have a good time. So when something good happens, everyone grasps around it and starts trying to milk that same event multiple times. The same thing happens with music. When you listen to the song the first time and immediately you feel connected, you want to re-do that. The only way to do that of course, is if you re-listen to that same song. Notice though how the second time made you smile again, but not as much as the first time? Soon, and after a few replays it will fade away…further and further away. This is the way we get bored of things. So the only reason people listen to music, is to discover new feelings, new ideas and basically new experiences.

Which is why there are so many different songs that are being written: some talk about love, some about a breakup or sad times, others about cheerful situations, others about sex and that list goes on. There are so many different topics being discussed, because we are all looking for that new thing that will make us smile.

Based on what we just talked about, is it really strange so many people listen to a certain music form? It would be strange if people did not listen to music. Once in a while you will get that person that doesn’t really like music. I’m not talking about that guy that just doesn’t listen to music (many people may not have it as a habit or form of entertainment) but I’m talking about that guy that just doesn’t enjoy himself while listening to music. Those people are really rare to find. If you find one, keep them…it’s a collector’s item (kidding of course.) But the whole point is, that pretty much everyone,  enjoys listening to some tune once in a while.

Okay, that’s all for now my friends. I will get back to you real soon and talk about other more interesting subjects in regards to music, the music scene and things like that. Contact me if there is something you want to discuss.