This site is all about music of course, however many of you may be confused as to what are we really focusing on here. In case you are in that confusion, make sure you learn what we are all about (what’s the purpose) before you read an extra line. It will really help you catch up. Of course, not a lot has been said lately, but today we are going to be diving in a little bit deeper into the genres.

As you know, Classical music has always been considered the highest form of music. It is really considered the Porsche of music and whenever you think of quality in music, classical music comes to mind. Starting from way back in the mid-evil times and spanning up to our generations , classical music has pretty much influenced all of our livelihoods. Back in the baroque days, everything was more serious, and more respected. I mean the fashion, the human behavior: it was all of higher class. If you listen to Bach music, you will understand what I’m talking about. Of course, you may get the impression of being in church but the point is, that music and that era was very much serious about life. I wonder how comedians survived back then…obviously I wouldn’t be one of them.

The thing with classic music however today, no matter how good it is, is that it attracts a lot of fakes. I am not talking about the performers of course. Music is something very authentic and you can’t fake it (or it will be bad.) So at least all the performers are really in it because they actually love it. But I’m talking about the rest of us: the rest of the people. Some will go to these concert halls and listen to boring hours of classic music (boring to them) just to show off and express their upper and high class preferences. They don’t go there because they really enjoy. In fact, most of the times they just fall asleep with their eyes open. And that really isn’t a problem for the business of classic music. In fact, the millennial generation doesn’t even consider classic music as something of quality, so thank goodness for all the show offs that are spending that money. My point is however, that this art form is attracting wrong people. People who couldn’t care less about Mozart, Bach and Hayden. And the reason it’s a problem, is because of our interactions.

If someone were to listen to classical music in his bedroom, that would be fine. He could show off and feel good about himself in front of the mirror. But when you go to these concerts, bring family and friends along and discuss about how well rounded and educated you are (because you listen to this music) then it just ruins it for everyone. If mankind acted in a very unique and individual way, there would be no problem with this. But as you know, most of us like mimicking what we see. So when such behavior is accepted, it only allows more and more people to act in that hypocritical way. And that is not good at all for the future of classical music and future generations. Kids today need to be learn to be honest and have an honest preference. So what if you don’t like classic music but you’d rather hang out in a bar listening to country. It ain’t a big deal; it’s just in your mind. People need to try and learn to be happy with their preferences and just the way they are created. For a majority of people in Tennessee to pretend they are classical music lovers, is just not natural. It’s so unnatural: it’s like someone in Germany that has been raised in an upper class, to try and pretend they are southern and love country music. It’s just not right.

One of the greatest things that we – as humans have – is our uniqueness. If everyone looks and acts the same…guess what; we will all be bored to death. It’s nice seeing that older dude with long hair and ear-rings walking down the streets pretending he is living the 80’s again. It gives you something to talk about, and is a new picture. But if everyone is with a suite and a tie, walking down the street with no smile on their face, because…well they are too educated and mature to laugh or have a good time, then that is plain stupid. People need to understand that they are fine the way they are. I am not saying: go out of your way to be an outcast. But just simply try and be natural. Believe me: no one likes a fake person. Even if you are able to keep it up for a certain amount of time, sooner or later you will reveal who you really are. And then all the time you spent pretending, is just wasted. Not only that, but when you pretend that you are someone in music (who you aren’t) you are becoming miserable. That is because you always compare yourself to others in that area – others that attend those concerts. It’s like being a part of some stupid competition of show off.

So to get back on the original topic: I love classical music. I love the concept of it and the way it connects people from all over the world. I think it’s probably one of the highest quality genres in music in which there is really some art, and not someone off the streets of Brooklyn, putting a few words together to a beat and calling it a great tune. The real sign of a “winner” song or music piece, is one that lasts for decades. Mozart’s music is still being played today, and has influenced so many people, including other music people. So stick to what you got is what I say.

Conclusion: I love classical music – I just don’t like too much the people that pretend they enjoy it too.

That’s all I got for you guys for now. Just speaking my mind, and I hope you are able to speak yours. Make sure you come back for some other hot discussions later today.