In case I’ve not made this clear: I am not Jewish but I really love the Jewish people, the culture and of course Who they believe in (I’m Christian.) Since this blog¬†focuses on music and I want to make sure I cover as much as possible, not mentioning the Jewish contributions to music would be so wrong. Of course I’m not just talking about Jewish spiritual music (which is just amazing) but also Israeli-American performers. If you look at the show business and the music industry, it is filled with Israeli – American professionals that were able, from nothing to keep on getting closer and closer to the top (there is no top – which is great.)

I was listening the other day this amazing song “Hallelujah” from an amazing Canadian born, Israeli music singer and composer: Leonard Cohen. Sadly, Mr. Cohen passed away a few months ago. However this tune, is so moving and such an amazing piece that has even been translated in the Hebrew language (you can find different versions on Youtube.) In case you aren’t ware of the song I’m mentioning, this is it…

If you haven’t listened to it, or watched this performance it is a must. If you consider everything the Jewish people have gone through in their lives (from way back in Communist Russia to Nazi Germany to what’s happening in the Middle East) these songs are really an amazing piece of history with great quality and significance to them. Most of the times, these Jewish melodies were composed while walking long hours in desert places.

Since way back when the Jews left Egypt, certain cultural things (that includes songs and music tastes) were formed. Of course it doesn’t look much with what exists today. And of course I’m not implying that this song I shared with you of Mr. Cohen is influenced by the music back then. However, if you listen to original Jewish music (and even the type of music that is sung in the synagogues) I am pretty sure it isn’t that different with music that existed back then and was sung. The nation of Israel and its people, in the years (more like centuries) of going from place to place because of antisemitism pretty much stayed well connected to everything that describes their culture. Even if you consider Jewish religion, that it was so strong to even withstand Christianity, it’s just amazing. These are some pretty stubborn people (in a good sense.) Personally I don’t think not accepting Christianity and Jesus was a good thing, but I won’t get into religious debates. The point is, these people are really committed to what their doing after many many years, stick to what they have. That really shows quality. Which is why I believe that a lot of the music Jewish that exists today, is really similar to what they hand in the Old Testament.

I just wish more people were able to recognize the beauty in both Jewish music and music composed by Israeli people (even if it’s newer and not in the sounds of their older music.) Below I have a purely Jewish melody sung by a beautiful young woman.

I don’t care what your political opinions are, or what’s your issue with Israel having a nation of their own, this is just magic music and an amazing performance: no flashy lights, mega speakers or great stage acts. Just a simple piano and a humble woman singing with soul.

I even urge you to listen to the melodies sung by the Rabbi’s. It’s something special because if you listen closely, it reminds you of a lot of the hymns sung by Christian religions today. It tells you how much Jewish music has influenced all other music. I think it’s time for us to simply recognize the amazing contributions of the Jews to our society, regardless of whether that is sciences and applied contributions, or spiritual such as art.

If you plan on speaking to me and acting in a childish and racist way, I promise you will be blocked off this platform. Everyone else who has something nice to say, or even constructive criticism: I welcome you with open arms.