As you have probably noticed, we are spending a little bit of time (well I, and in the future there will be more admins in this blog) for every genre of music, any background in music, just so we are fair. Personally I love all kinds of music, while having certain preferences. So I just want to make sure I include everything and for everyone, so it is interesting for all.

What I want to discuss in this article, is a theory – more like a conspiracy theory that rap music was created to keep the African Americans in poverty, in crime and in ghettos. This is an open discussion, so I do want to listen to your opinions bust most importantly any evidence you got for or against this idea. I am not the type of person that believes in absolutes but rather studies a lot, before leaning towards an opinion.

Let’s look at things from the beginning: generally speaking, does the African American community live in good situations, good neighborhoods etc? If you look around, you will see what they tend to call “white privilege” but what really is them being in a tougher spot than most other Americans. If you look way back to the slavery days, you will see a lot of people that theoretically offered defense to the slaves and were helping them out. But history shows that a lot of them (not all) were well connected to their bosses and “owners.” It was a nice way to keep them calm so they don’t riot. Something similar to labor unions today: theoretically those have been formed to help out people (and I’m not saying that was not the initial intention) but now are the greatest ripoff in manufacturing and business. They are actually being handled by the executive branch to make sure they get their way. So what has happened is, instead of helping these people (African Americans & working class people) and offer justice, they have been bent over and been screwed. The purpose of this blog, isn’t to discuss political systems, but if these working class people weren’t being captive in a false dream, they would be able to freely quit their jobs and be employed by a more generous and kind employer. Not stay under the one they despise, in hopes of something changing. Because of the fact that they don’t seek for other companies, they keep their wages down. What people don’t understand is, that the free market has all the power. The minimum wage everyone is whining about, is being formed by the expectations of the working labor force. As soon as unions kicked in, there was an artificial minimum wage built in, which basically gave them short term gains but long term slavery and absence of freedom. These people would be more free if they could easily leave anytime they wanted: just the threat of that, would enforce the employer to raise wages. Also, competition would be built up from other employers seeking for talent and recruiting these people. But when they are being dumbed down and being fed lies and false hopes of privilege and entitlement, they will forever be poor (and that is a good thing.)

Getting back to what I was saying regarding the African American community and rap: rap music talks about violence, talks about standing against a moral and honest life and pretty much leads people to believe that crime is the solution to their problems, while smoking pot. Look at that hypocritical rap figure they call Snoop Dog. When you have people like him as idols, you know there is a problem. And personally, if I were Snoop Dog I would do the same. It’s a great business model and I can’t blame the guy. So I blame directly the people that support him. Simply because with the free market: he would be gone and in the bitter truth of anonymity. But because the people are blindly supporting him, he is able to continue and bring them closer to destruction. This is something similar with politicians: the politicians aren’t actually the ones that are dishonest, lazy and immoral but rather the people that voted for them.

So I personally don’t believe that rap music was intentionally created to keep the African Americans dumbed down and in poverty, however there is a problem with poverty in their communities and this trap of poverty they are in and we can’t deny it. The most popular community living on food stamps are the African Americans. They have been taught how to eat fish that is given to them, rather fish they actually went out on their own and caught. And that is the general problem with our nation. I find the story of Dr. Ben Carson to be very inspiring. Classic up bring in a bad Detroit community and he was able to escape all that and do something with his life. There needs to be more education for these people, but no in the form of schooling and learning how to speak, learning history etc: they need to learn how to work. And by listening to rap music all day long, I can guarantee you, there will not come a time of their poverty solution, anytime soon.

I hope I didn’t strike any nerves here. If you find rap music to be motivating and inspirational to you, I’m all for it and with you. But if you are listening to that main stream c-rap they all are listening to, I would ask you to reconsider your options. Friendly advice…

Appreciate ya’all. You want some more provoking articles? Stay tuned!