Let me just answer shortly that answer for all the lazy ones: not just music but any form of communication that has a lot of authority and an ability to convince.

Everyone pretty much loves and admires art: we all have it in a very high respect in our lives. All the time you will see people brag about how culturally educated they are, or as we discussed before, how everyone wants to show off that they are of certain background and class.

But as we know, along with good things come some bad things. And of course I won’t harp on the initial idea that it draws in a lot of weeds but rather something more important: it is an amazingly strong weapon to directly reach out to the people you want. Think of the high caliber stars in the music scene: every move they make and people are following right behind. If you watch fashion, it all is dependent on what these people do and how they dress. So these highly influential people pretty much have a lot of power to change the ways different people are living their lives. That means that bad opinions and dangerous opinions can pretty much screw up the lives of so many people. I can not stop thinking about so many songs that talk about suicide and urge people to go towards that direction. Think of so many people that killed themselves while listening to that very dark, very evil music. How can someone after that, suggest or even believe for a second that music (and all communication methods) affect our actions?

If you were watching more carefully the political campaign of Hillary Clinton against then candidate Donald Trump, you see how she recruited people like Beyonce and Katy Perry to perform at her speeches. Why did she do that? Because she was planning on having them as advisers in the White House? Of course not! She did it, because a lot of the liberal world (most of it) listens to that pop music. She did because she understands these highly influential people can pretty much move the way these crowds and masses think and work. She had some pretty smart advisers…not that it lead them to anything but it was a good effort and well fought campaign.

The point here is, our children need to be super careful regarding the music they are listening to. And I don’t mean us parents being super sensitive and cautious of our children’s tastes. But what I am saying is: watch for abnormal switches in behavior, lead by fake sayings and actions. You can tell a child that is trying to imitate something he saw on TV and one that is simply living the way his brain tells him to. For instance: whenever we all saw the Rocky movies, we all were hitting the gym for about 2 weeks, trying to build up those biceps. And then that would fade away. It was also very fake – very “at the moment.” So those are the kind of things you want to be careful of. Bring your children back to reality and show them how that star and amazing performer they so much love, is pretty much doing it for the money of it (like we all do in our jobs.) Children need to understand that these performers don’t really care about how bad of a situation these children are in: as long as they keep on sending those dollars over. Hey, I’m all for it, don’t get me wrong. But when that results in your child going down dark and evil paths (even the suicidal pathways I talked about) then it is a serious problem. You need to be able to protect your child. Children pretty much have no power what so ever: cut their funding and they will be begging for a meal off the freeway. So you need to step up as a parent and do what’s right. I would in no way, restrict the musicians and actors from doing what they are doing. It’s a wonderful business and their livelihoods and more to them. Parents though need to be aware of what’s happening, and as members of a free market, stop supporting destructive artists. Most likely, your child doesn’t have a job. So all the money he/she is spending in concerts or T-shirts (because CD’s are gone) is coming from you the parent. Allow them entrance to the free world: so what if they start becoming independent? That is when they will understand that the performers are (and I agree with this) dancing to the tune of dollars. Let your children get money of their own and work for it. As long as it isn’t handouts and entitlement offerings. They will screw up once or twice, and then hopefully understand what is good for them. In the meantime, you can make sure you are pointing them towards other productive, moral and correct directions. Doesn’t mean: shut your children’s music player nor take his computer away. It means: stop listening to that artist that is telling you day in and day out to commit suicide if you don’t like your life. There is a difference in totally forbidden them to be entertained, and partially editing their specific artistic preferences.

Guys, my goal isn’t to be a family consultant. What I have always found that works, is if you allow your children to live a life that is more focused and in alliance of God’s will and preference. You can’t go wrong with God, and if you pretty much follow (as a parent) God’s words in your life and teach that obedience to your children, you should be good to go. The reason more and more young people are dying from overdoses or suicides, is because society has been taken further away from God. You remember those dollar bills that say at the very bottom “In God We Trust”? Yeah, I do too…I shop everyday for my family. So let us not be just preachers of love and helping one another, but actually put God in our lives. Believe me…it’s the most pure thing you can do for yourself and your family.

Stay blessed and ask me any questions and come back for more.