What time of day do we really listen to music? Is it in the morning when we wake up (very unproductive) is it late at night, or is it something random? Do we listen to music while at work?

There are all very good questions and the thing is, music and the time of day one listens to it is really dependent on one’s preference. Some people may want music to put them to sleep at nights or energize them in the middle of the day. We can all say though, regarding of our line of work that music is listened to in times when we are more relaxed: maybe on a lunch break around noon. Also, studies and research tell us that construction workers listen to more music than anyone else. If you think about it, it makes sense because of how hard their job is and the type of energy they need to keep pushing forward.

A very good friend of mine who happens to work in deconstruction, told me that their company out in Georgia (http://www.atlantademolitionservices.com)  has an unwritten rule to listen to music while eating on the lunch break. Usually all of them eat together and relax together right around 1 PM before they head a back to the demolition site to continue their work. According to him, their bosses believe that music is so inspiring and fulfilling that it can actually help them digest easier and be prepared to be more productive when they get back. So you see the different type of approaches people have and different theories on the effects of music. The interesting thing would be for someone to actually do some studies and figure out whether the influence of music in the work place has a effect on productivity and performance. That would be something interesting for one to do!

Personally, I don’t think music in the exact work place has positive effects. I mean sure, on a break maybe it can boost your energy levels and bring a more productive mindset. However when you are working, the last thing you want are useless distractions, and music my friends is a useless distraction. It won’t help you make that extra sale that your bonus payment depends on, it won’t help you with customer support and it won’t get you though those piles of paper you need to go through. It is only going to get you off target and help you lose focus, while you fall back on the tasks and the ultimate project. So please be careful. If you are in a bossy position, make sure your employees are not falling into that trap. Wouldn’t it be a pity for your company to go under, for a few Britney Spears songs? Pull yourself together, put one feet in front of another and start moving. You need to be able to perform well, and if music is a distraction you sure as hell don’t want it near you. Same thing goes for other things also (like food.) But of course this is a music blog and not a food blog, so that’s why food and snacks aren’t the real focus here.

The point here is, look at each case individually. If you are an artist, most likely you will want to listen to music (especially if you are a musician.) But say you are some kind of philosophy professor or a historian and need to keep working on your research, the last thing you want is other things distracting you, resulting in more spending of resources. You can always listen to that new hit on the ride back home on the radio, or on your lunch break. Hey, you can even dedicate half an hour during work, where you all dance around and sing along to “Uptown Funk.” But if your plan is to keep on doing the moon walk, all throughout your day, I can guarantee you, you are going to fail. Multitasking is overrated and not eve possible. So pull yourself together, and focus on your work.

No preaching done here…just some personal opinions and advice given to you. I love hearing from you, so keep sending those e-mails.