Hey guys, first of all: I hope you had a great weekend and wishing for a wonderful and productive week!

Now let’s get to it…

There are many goofballs out there that believe all people should have the same and equal free access to music. They believe that as with education and learning how to read, music is an art form that everyone is entitled to enjoy. As you’ve noticed, the record industry has gone belly up:

  • because of technology and the widespread use of the Internet
  • because of the freckle little knucklehead that believes it’s okay for someone to steel music and download it for free (plus re-distribute it)

Now of course you have Youtube and a lot of music videos are in fact free. However, some years ago that wasn’t the case, and the reason artists were forced to shift over to social media, was because the other disco-graphic system was dead. You know who killed the record label industry? The fans did.

Give me a few names that after the 90’s are what Elvis and The Beatles were. Don’t tell me no Britney Spears, or Taylor Swift. Those are fads. In other words, they aren’t going to be remembered 30 years from now. You know who had died recently and is the type of entertainer that will forever be remembered? Michael Jackson…you know why? Because there was structure. The record companies would give funds to the artists to be able to go out on tour and promote the discs and also perform in concerts. It was a great system, during which basically the record labeled invested in its artists. Music back then was their job. Now, you can’t do that and whoever wants to get into the music business, needs to be working 2 jobs: a day job and the regular music job. Now I ask you: who is going to create better music, the one that only works on his music and promoting the albums or the other that is trying to flip burgers to make a living. The bottom line is, musicians can not make a living anymore. I am not talking about making a few bucks and a festival. I am talking about making a decent enough living but most importantly, being someone that can definitely be the next Beatles or Elvis. I won’t say that Swift and Spears aren’t making a decent living. But again, they don’t fulfill the other requirement for them to be THE success stories which is: are they going to stay in history for their music. I personally don’t think so. And it doesn’t even have to do with the genre of music. Michael Jackson was a pop star, however will be remembered by all and he will still have a young fan base discovering his music, every single day.

So yes…the fans killed the music business. If you notice now, it isn’t that much music now as much as it is a combination of cool and soft core porn videos. Let’s be honest: the only reason you watch Ariana Grande’s music videos, is because she is one hot smocking chick. Don’t worry, I spend countless of hours doing that too and after that, a cold shower usually follows.

The point I’m trying to make is that people think they are entitled to everything: entitled to education, health, food, entertainment etc. The answer is no, you aren’t entitled to anything. Just because you are human, doesn’t mean you will be a weight in society. Above all, we are all still animals living in a civilized jungle. What happens to a lion that doesn’t hunt? They starve and die…they aren’t given handouts. And okay, I understand food stamps and consider them essential. But at least pay for your own damn music. The people complaining about the lack of talented performers and entertainers today, are the same people that rob these performers from their hard earned dollars. It’s simply not right. If something is free, it has no value. Simple as that. Only when you pay, do you really realize the value of what you just bought.

I am not going to get into this kind of a debate though. The thing we can all agree on, is that the same way you expect to get paid at the end of that burger flipping week, the same way musicians and entertainers in general need to be compensate for the music they put out. If you don’t like their music and decide to not buy it, that is a different story. But if you like their songs and want them for free, you are pretty much a cyber shop lifter.

Would love to listen to some ignorant and entitled e-mails. Of course I welcome all e-mails but I know I will get a lot of heat for this post. Well…tough.

I’m kidding of course – I appreciate you all and please come back!