This is our privacy policy: you are always protected and can always rest assured of a secured browsing experience. We are not the creepy kind of people that will monitor every move and step you take on this site. I know other platforms such as Google or other websites may store cookies and IP addresses.

We want you to know that we won’t act in such a disrespectful way. Considering that our site is so small, I need all the people I can get to read my articles. So, why would I spy on you? Even if this were a larger site, I still would honor the above promise. I am a very moral person and I consider privacy to be one of the most fundamentals things we own and is not for distribution with others.

Let’s for once in our lives honor the word “privacy” and not rape it for the extraction of an extra dollar or two.

I hope you feel much safer now and you head on to one of the recent posts.